Up The Ante is Buffalo and Western New York’s PREIMER party rock band. With members of The Carl Motyka Band and
Hot Daddy Rocks and with a repertoire of great hits and upbeat favorites from the 50’s to the present, they create an atmosphere of fun and good times for one and all. If you're looking for a fantastic band, loaded with talent and always ready for a good time, you want
Up The Ante for your next event!

Sat. Oct. 4th, 2014
9PM - 1AM
The Wagon Wheel
7201 Nia. Falls Blvd, Nia. Falls
(716) 283-9861
Fri. Oct. 10th, 2014
10PM - 2PM
Lock 34
80 Main Street, Lockport
(716) 433-4222
Sat. Oct. 18th, 2014
9PM - 1AM
2875 Main St, Newfane
(716) 778-9113
Fri. Oct. 31th, 2014
9:30PM - 1:30PM
Say Cheese Pizza
1771 Love Rd, Grand Island
(716) 775-0333
Fri. Nov. 8th, 2014
9PM - 1PM
The Raintree
2970 Colvin Blvd, Tona.
(716) 695-3504
Sat. Nov. 15th, 2014
9PM - 1AM
1866 Colvin Blvd, Tona.
(716) 939-3243
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